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About Us

Our company is founded in Italy and realizes a high-tech product to offer solar products to the guests of high-level facilities according to eco-sustainable principles.

The target of Sunner is to place a unique product according to the values of innovation, advanced technology, well-being and sustainability, with the desire to promote the highest quality standards of “Made in Italy” on an international scale.


The foundations of our mindset

Innovation & Technology

The Sunner device is designed optimally with functionality and aesthetics coming together and is equipped with a photovoltaic panel with solar tracker which offers a rewarding experience to the guests through innovative technologies.

With a selection of sustainable solar products (REEF SAFE), Sunner positions itself in luxury and high-level facilities.

With Sunner you increase the accomodation occupancy rate of your rooms by attracting new customers who look for a cutting-edge hotel which is endowed with sustainability as its value.

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Prestigious Solution

The high-level facilities deserve a new, cutting-edge service in terms of technology, harmonious design and after-sales assistance that is always available to their customers.

When your clients book the accomodation, inform them about the advantage of your Sunner service that is designed and offered to them for their moments of relaxation.

The exclusivity of the Sunner service will increase your income and your reviews thanks to the qualified staff who will guarantee a pleasant assistance so that a tourist always feels taken care of during his stay.


Wellness Nature

Sunner generates a new development model, always highly considering respect for water, air and soil as those are fundamental parameters for tourists while choosing accommodation.

Today the value of sustainability is well defined and above all it is young people who influence the most sustainable purchasing behaviors when they choose the ideal holiday.

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The exclusivity of an elegant and adaptable device but also the sustainable energy one.


Increase of the potentiality of attraction, loyalty and additional incomes.


"Made in Italy", sustainable sunscreens against skin aging.


A service that guarantees wellbeing of your guests by increasing your RevPAV


Reducing consumption of plastic bottles.


During check-in, show your clients the sustainability certificate issued by Sunner.

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